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Sometimes we get ourselves into situations that are easier getting into that out of.  Knowing when its time to walk away usually takes twice as long as it should.

Wasting My Time


An expensive suit with a miserable face, a beautiful girl searching for her self worth (in all of the wrong places) and my piano and I coincidentally found each other one cold March night.  As I looked to the bartender at the end of the night, gear in hand, headed to the door: “Come hell or high water- we’re gonna make it out of here”

High Water

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A couple of springs ago, an acquaintance of mine tragically fell into the Lower Niagara River while visiting with family.  He was one of the happiest people I have ever met in my life. When you thought of him, you thought of vibrancy and personality- someone who was simply full of life.  The shock of how sudden everything changed moved me beyond words.  I remember thinking how fragile we are, and how in an instant, everything we know, could be taken away without warning.  Each Time is written for those who are left behind.

Each Time


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  1. I heard you at the Lewiston Jazz Festival and I really like your music.
    The stories that inspired you to write such beautiful songs are awesome.
    Will you be entertaining in Buffalo area again soon?
    If so I will be there.

    Take Care,


  2. Christina it was nice meeting you and your patents at the Boston airport.

    My daughter Brooklyn and I love your music. Good luck at the Grammys!!!


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