Christina Custode

Singing Sommelier

I’ve long been a wine enthusiast- let’s be real, who takes four bottles of good red wine with them on tour when all you can take is one small suitcase.  Wine, much like music, has been a part of my life for a very long time. Growing up, my dad made wine- from an early age I was helping him rack, stealthily stealing sips of the free run wine from the syphon until I was giggling uncontrollably, spinning pinwheels on the ground.  I once even helped clean the walls of the dining room when a fermentation got out of hand before my mom got home- yes it was a red wine, yes the walls were white.  As an adult, I grew to love wine for it’s intricacies, character, and personality.

After years of interest, curiosity, and appreciation for the world of wine, I decided to take my passion to a new level and become a certified sommelier. I did some research, went back to school, and am now finding a way to bring together all of the things I love the most- music, education and wine, in The Singing Sommelier Series.

This unique format combines music performance with wine education. No two sessions are identical, and the possibilities are unlimited. It is a completely customizable evening of education, music, and wine!

I’m excited to work with you, your chef, your house sommelier or winemaker to create memorable events that bring wine and music together in a meaningful way.

Available for wineries, restaurants, private parties & corporate events.

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